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Church Mothers' Cookbook

The Church Mothers' Cookbook is more than just recipes, cooking tips, and recommendations of meals. It is a book that talks about the Church Mother as a living, breathing book of knowledge, where recipes originate from generations of orally inherited traditions formed in the kitchen.

Church Mothers strengthen the family.

How to Cook the Perfect Steak Every Time

Learning how to prepare the perfect steak doesn’t have to be complicated. A few easy steps will give you a delicious result every time. Follow this simple recipe and you’ll become an instant expert at cooking steak!

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Christmas Snickerdoodle Cookies in 20 Minutes

These delicious Christmas favorites will overwhelm you with delight from the mix of sugar and cinnamon with a buttery kick! Snickerdoodles are the perfect dessert idea for after Christmas dinner.

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The Ultimate Spicy Chicken Sandwich

With all of the ranting and raving about the spicy chicken sandwich at Popeye’s, you might be surprised to discover that a better chicken sandwich can be made right in your own kitchen.

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Food That Feeds Your Soul

This cookbook has gathered together a collection of delicious recipes straight from the book of knowledge of Church Mothers all over the United States.

My kids never ate vegetables before, but they all love the fried cabbage with bacon.

Susan Harris - San Diego, California

This is just like my grandma used to cook! You can taste the love in every bite!

James Jones - Houston, Texas

Being deployed in the military, sometimes I missed eating like this. Best cookbook ever!

Pfc. Seth Smith - Okinawa, Japan